Risk management

The management of risks is essential as it allows for the anticipation, identification, and control of threats that can impact its performance and sustainability. By assessing and proactively addressing risks, a company can minimize financial losses, prevent disputes, maintain its reputation, and ensure business continuity. The complementary approach of our consultants enables us to support you regardless of the nature of the risk.

Risk management for finance industry

Outsourcing risk management provides financial institutions, asset management companies, or mutual funds with the opportunity to benefit from specialized expertise, reduce costs, gain flexibility, and ensure a certain level of independence in the risk management process.
ATS can support you throughout the entire risk management process, from conception to execution.

• Organization and sizing of control functions;
• Risk mapping, control frameworks, and procedure writing;
• Outsourcing of periodic control function;
• Assistance in conducting ongoing controls;
• Awareness and training;
• Preparation of regulatory reports.

Business Continuity & Crisis Management

Essential for ensuring organizational resilience and sustainability, business continuity aims to anticipate and plan necessary measures to maintain critical operations in the event of an incident or major disruption. Crisis management comes into play when a major event or emergency situation occurs. It aims to react quickly and effectively to minimize impacts, protect people, assets, and the organization's reputation.
We cover all topics related to business continuity and crisis management in the context of Monaco.

• Assessment of needs, risks, and vulnerabilities;
• Business continuity planning;
• Selection of backup sites within the Principality;
• Continuity testing and exercises;
• Crisis management organization;
• Operational maintenance of the systems.

Internal control

Internal control plays a crucial role in organizations by ensuring asset protection, regulatory compliance, fraud prevention, and operational efficiency improvement. It aims to assess, monitor, and strengthen internal processes, policies, and controls to minimize risks and optimize performance. By providing reasonable assurance of goal achievement, internal control enables companies to make informed decisions, enhance stakeholder confidence, and preserve their reputation.
We assist our clients in optimizing their best practices.

• Risk management;
• Organizational audit;
• Integration of security into IT projects;
• Security governance strategy;
• Security awareness and training.