About us

ATS is a consulting firm based in Monaco offering project management and outsourcing services for risk and security functions to private and public actors. Composed essentially of Monegasque partners, our firm was born from the complementarity of its founding partners, one in network, cyber security and IT infrastructure, the other in governance and risk management.



Our team is made up of experts with international experience, all of whom come from large firms or leading companies in their sectors.


The partners are operationally committed to the success of the projects and missions, by dedicating effective time to the conduct of missions, meetings moderation, supervision of teams and resolving of bottlenecks.


Our in-depth knowledge of the Monegasque environment and local practices allows us to benchmark and capitalize on best practices.

Alexandre Imbert and Roland Mouflard are the founding partners of ATS. Friends since childhood, they obtained their baccalaureate together at the Lycée Albert I of Monaco at the age of 16 before continuing their studies separately.

After several international experiences and consulting jobs in major firms , they had the opportunity to work together for the completion of a security audit where a governance and risk expertise had to be associated with a security & IT one.

This successfully accomplished mission decided them to create together ATS and to continue to bring to their clients who need it a complementary approach.

Alexandre Imbert is graduate of EPITA and started his career as a network and security engineer at Atos Origin Infogérance and Colt Technology Services.

After 10 years in Paris and London, he became Manager of Network & Security Operations and joined Monaco Telecom as Manager of Systems and Infrastructures before joining the Vinci Group as a cybersecurity consultant.

In 2020, he became independent and offered his expertise in network, cyber security and IT infrastructure to private and public players without having to internalize the function

Graduate of EDHEC Business School, Roland Mouflard began his career in the trading floor at Société Générale in Paris and London before returning to the Principality to take over the management of the family business in distress.

He then worked as a Financial Auditor for 6 years at KPMG and then 2 years as a Business Manager at Edmond de Rothschild in Monaco. He was an independent consultant since 2020 before founding ATS.

Elected to Monaco Parliament in February 2023, he is since February 17, 2023, Deputy Chair of the Finance and National Economy Commission.